Hopkins Public Schools stands against anti-Asian racism

Hopkins Public Schools stands in solidarity with our Asian and Asian American educators, scholars, staff, and families. This is in light of the verbal and physical violence that persons of Asian descent have experienced in the United States and around the globe because of anti-Asian racism following the COVID-19 pandemic. We reject racism, xenophobia, and nativism, and stand with those who have been harmed by all forms of anti-Asian incidents. We are committed to speaking up and speaking out against hate-filled violence. As a staff and as a community, let’s wrap our arms around our very own Chinese teachers, and other Asian teachers, staff, scholars, and families in our midst. In Hopkins, our Chinese Immersion teachers are not only incredible educators, they are devoted to our school district and have played an immeasurable role in teaching Chinese language and culture to many Hopkins scholars. Together, we are creating students of the world. Thank you, Chinese Immersion and Asian staff.

At the March 16 School Board Meeting, Hopkins School Board Chair Jen Bouchard made a statement addressing our commitment to vigilant equity, anti-racism, and love. Her remarks begin around minute 36.