Hopkins elementary student writes poem about inclusion, equality, and justice

Hopkins elementary student writes poem about inclusion, equality, and justice

Sam Schwartzentruber, a fifth grader at Meadowbrook Elementary, wrote a poem as part of the 2023 MLK Human Rights Contest. Inclusion, equality, and, justice were the themes for the contest, which was open to students in grades Pre-K-12 who live in Golden Valley, attend a school in Golden Valley, or attend a Robbinsdale District or Hopkins District school.

Quotes from Dr. King and the overarching themes were provided as a starting point for youth participating in the contest. Sam wrote and submitted the poem below, titled: Love is the only thing holding us together.

“I am reminded by Sam’s words that our future is in good hands,” said Natalie Sawatzky, principal of Meadowbrook Elementary.

Love is the only thing holding us together

By Sam Schwartzentruber, 5th grader at Meadowbrook Elementary

Why do we love
Why do we hate
Why do we include
When others negate

Why do we bully
Why are we mean
Why do we do this It isn’t serene

Why do we welcome
Why do we not
Why do we do some things that others cannot

Why do we stand there and wait
Why don’t we stand up

Don’t wait!

Don’t wait until it’s over

Stand up!
If we want bullying and racism to end

For even the meanest of bullies have an opening
Only to be found by the warmest of love

As warm as fire pit burning amongst the evening stars
As warm as a beautiful geyser erupting from the lake of warm water
As the love pierces through the bad it opens up more good

The more the love
The stronger it grows
The warmer the love
The faster it goes

Soon the enemy becomes a friend
And boom you’ve done it
You have a new friend

For if I were to write a letter to love
I would know exactly what I would say

Dear love:
You are what brings peace to the world
You are what makes this world so brilliant
Out of everything you stand out the most
I hope someday that bullying and racism can be stopped